While snow in May isn’t a huge surprise here in Vermont, it is nonetheless a beautiful sight to behold. Last night into this morning, Killington received a dusting of snow, highlighting the new life that is growing around us. Have a look for yourself!

Snowy Apple Blossom

Bear Mountain on 5/8/17

Beauty is all around us

New buds cradle the fresh snow

Frozen water drops on a snowy bed of moss 

While on the topic of weather, some of you may have heard in the news that Rutland County and other southern parts of Vermont were hit with a severe storm on Friday, May 5th. The Friday evening storm carried hurricane strength wind gusts reaching up to 74mph, taking out hundreds of trees and leaving over 21,000 Green Mountain Power customers without electricity. Utility crews from Vermont, Canada and surrounding states worked around the clock through the weekend to restore power to Vermont residents.

We are fortunate to report that Sunrise received minimal damage as the wind gusts were weaker in higher elevations. Our community was without power for approximately 28 hours before being restored.

Due to the extended outage, some alarm panels had to be reset. We believe we have addressed all sounding alarms. Our alarm company is on site this week performing inspections on their panels and detectors. Any issues that may have occurred from the storm will be discovered and addressed accordingly.

As always, we will be sure to look over your units thoroughly during our weekly inspections and will notify you if we discover anything out of the ordinary.