The black bears are back and scavenging for food. Until further notice, there is no trash pickup on Saturday’s or Sunday’s. If you are heading out of town after the weekend, please leave trash inside the entry of your unit and notify the office to arrange for pickup that Monday. 

Trash pickup will take place at 2PM Monday-Friday until further notice. Please bring trash to the trash hut closest to your unit between the hours of 10AM and 2PM for disposal. If you miss pick-up time, wait until the next day to put trash out or contact the office to remove the trash from inside your unit: 802-422-9494 or

There is no recycling service at this time of year. All trash is trash. Empty drink bottles, jars, food cans, etc. have a food odor and will attract the bears. If you acquire a significant amount of recycling, please contact the office to do a pick-up from inside your unit or, you can bring your recyclables to the town’s recycling facility on River Road.


Be smarter than the average bear…

  • Never leave trash by your front door. Please remind guests to follow the same procedures.
  • Please be careful when around the trash areas at night. That is when the bears are more apt to be roaming around.
  • Always maintain a safe distance from bears as they have extremely quick acceleration abilities.
  • Never put yourself physically between a mother bear and her cubs.
  • If you encounter a black bear, make as much noise as possible and look as large as possible by raising your arms, spreading open a coat or similar positioning to deter the bear from the area.


Friendly Reminder:

When it comes to your spring/summer projects, please consider using the Sunrise Maintenance staff. The men that make up our maintenance crew are extremely knowledgeable of the units throughout Sunrise and are exceptionally talented in various crafts from electrical and plumbing to carpentry and painting. If your request is time sensitive, be sure to include that information when you submit your request.