Ungroomed trails that we dream about skiing are now in amazing condition. 😊 This weekend ski or ride off the beaten track (a.k.a. groomed trails) and try out some of the ungroomed and natural snow trails that dapple Killington’s trail landscape. A bonus for skiing on ungroomed trails is there is less traffic. Guess the trail name in the banner photo!

* Some fun runs to choose in the Needles Eye area are Vertigo (Head wall optional), and Needles Eye, skier’s right under Stage 2 Skye Ship. Over at Killington Peak, check out Big Dipper Woods or Downdraft, starting from Home Run. A great top-to-bottom challenge is Helter Skelter to Escapade and finishing on Flume. (awesome run!) To summarize, all trail conditions should be splendid with the warmer temperatures arriving on Saturday. The snow on the very firm groomers will soften up for sweet hero turns. Please be mindful and ski or ride in control!

Another safety tip! We always carry our cell phone with us, but do we also carry our health insurance card? Do your kids carry their health insurance card? If the answer is no (like me), simply take a cell phone picture of your insurance card, front and back. If an unfortunate event occurs, the medical clinic will be able to promptly enter the insurance information to allow the medical process to go smoothly.

Because this is still a holiday week and weekend, larger than normal crowds are expected, as well as a big influx of British schools here on holiday break. Please ski safely so that we all can enjoy the trails that Killington has to offer.

*Disclaimer: Mountain conditions and terrain can change daily. This report was created on 2/20/2020.