The foliage is just glorious now. If you are considering making the trip up to Sunrise, Do It! Sunrise is sitting in the middle of a blaze of autumn colors. There are events in the area, including the Killington Brew Fest,  The Killington gondola will be operating and the Peak Restaurant is also open as well. The gondola operates from 10am to 5pm daily thru October 13th.

hydrangea fall scenic cropBear Alert
There were several bears visiting Sunrise this past weekend. Fall is the time when they are actively foraging around for food in preparation for the big hibernating snooze.  We ask that you PLEASE do not use the collection centers over the next several weekends because pick-up service does not operate on Saturdays or Sundays.  If you have trash, and are leaving the community on Sunday, leave it in your unit, and contact us to collect it on Monday.  If you are here during the week, we are scheduled to pick up garbage by 10am daily, including Columbus Day. We don’t want to encourage them to come here for evening picnics, therefore please bring your trash to the collection centers ONLY in the mornings before that time.

If you are hiking around, make noise to scare them off. Please keep your dog leashed while on the trails and around the common trash areas. Dog versus Bear is never a good thing.

fall fence foliageFall Schedule
The Falls Brook Common and Sports Center is currently open from 9am to 5pm, daily. Beginning October 14, the Falls Brook Common and work out room will be open 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday until Thanksgiving. The indoor pool and hot tub will be closed after October 14 until Thanksgiving.