Happy New Year Everyone! Sunrise homeowners and guests rang in 2019 with full bellies, live music, fireworks and our annual dropping of the ball at the Sunrise Café. This event is a favorite here at Sunrise and fully books weeks in advance; below is a video if you missed it:



Lunch returns Friday, January 4th!

Lunch: 11am-3pm Thursday – Sunday

Dinner: 5pm-9pm Friday & Saturday




9am-3pm Monday-Friday

8am-4pm Friday & Saturday




Sunrise Management continues to receive complaints about pet owners not cleaning up after their four-legged children. While we’d like to think renters are the only offenders, we know homeowners are guilty of leaving behind their pet’s droppings as their neighbors have witnessed them neglecting to clean up. The Killington Town dog ordinance specifies dog owners are responsible to seeing their dogs do not create a disturbance or nuisance which includes traces of feces. Those caught violating this ordinance at Sunrise will be subject to paying a fine.

Sunrise is a community of families that enjoy exploring the great outdoors, which happens to lie just beyond our doorsteps. Whether Fido goes “number two” in the front of your unit or out on the trails, you are responsible for cleaning up the mess so families can enjoy the property without having to worry about stepping in, seeing or smelling dog poop.

***If you rent your unit as pet friendly, please relay this reminder to renters. We find posting a notice on the interior of your entryway to be most effective. ***