Temperatures were in the high 60’s this week here in Vermont and this heat wave appears to be making itself at home. The weekend forecast hold’s sunny skies with temps in the low 50’s i.e.; the perfect ingredients for soft snow and dazzling goggle tans. In the meantime, we are anticipating some rain to fall Thursday which will cultivate mud in the backyard of Falls Brook Common and on our trail network. Due to unsafe trail conditions, we are left in the unfortunate position of canceling the fat bike event that was scheduled for Saturday, March 12th.

This week’s rapid thaw left our roads soft and muddy. The staff at Sunrise will be laying out crushed gravel to assist in the road conditions, however, we cannot completely eliminate the problem. Please note we are aware and will continue to do our best to keep the road conditions in the best shape possible.

The Sunrise Café lunch schedule will adhere to the Sunrise lift schedule. If the Sunrise Village Triple is turning Thursday-Sunday, lunch will be served on those days 11pm-3pm. Dinner will be served Friday & Saturday nights 5pm-9pm  thru March 26th.