As summer continues, so do the budgeted capital projects for Sunrise Condos, Topridge & Lodges. Our team of maintenance personnel and contractors are working or has already completed the following jobs:

Sunrise Condos

Timberline B Retaining Wall

The new retaining wall for the Timberline B building is complete. Deck repairs/replacements continue throughout the condo village where needed. New entry walkways for Timberline J, H, I buildings are scheduled for replacement in early fall.


Window and Door Slider Replacements for Summer 2013
These elective replacements are done at the owner’s request and expense. We are doing over 20 window replacements this summer, however, the time to replace windows and door sliders has expired. If you would like to order windows at this time, please email Chris Hughes at

If you consider having an outside contractor do the replacement windows, make sure they are aware of the full scope of the project. As part of our maintenance staff’s procedure the window area framing is inspected for water damage. Typically, the framing is in need of repair, which our crew does as an association expense since this is condominium property. So please consider our expertise on the replacement for windows first, or be sure your contractor does not overlook this important aspect.


Tim Cutting Siding for Repairs

Buildings 35 through 39 have undergone the siding/ trim repairs, and full re-painting. Building 34 will be completed shortly. This completes the first round at exterior painting for all duplex buildings. Foundation and ground settling problems are now underway.

Aspen building has received exterior siding and trim repair work in anticipation of the building’s painting project next year. In addition, the lower concrete landing at the second stair tower of Aspen building was repaired.


Painting TR 35 Building

Labor Day Weekend
The outdoor pool and hot tub will be open thru Labor Day weekend. The outdoor pool will then close for the winter, and the outdoor hot tub will close until the slopes are open. The indoor facilities will remain open thru the Columbus Day weekend.