It’s official…Winter is over and Spring is upon us. Don’t start blubbering just yet; There is still plenty of skiing and riding to be had at The Beast!

Looking back to the start of 2018, there is no denying that this winter has been one for the books:


In January we withstood the polar vortex that had our thermometers reading -22° before wind-chill! The extreme cold was a phenomenon in itself, but what really left the community in wonderment was the creature the polar vortex summoned…THE SUNRISE YETI!

After several close encounters with The Sunrise Yeti, the community formed a search party in effort to safely return the cryptic being to it’s appropriate habitat. The Yeti managed to stay at large through the months of February and March and was last seen driving off the property on one of our snowmobiles the evening of the Annual Spring Fling. CLICK HERE to view footage of The Sunrise Yeti.



The 2018 Winter Olympic Games gave us reason to celebrate in February. Homeowners and guests demonstrated their pride in being apart of the winter sports community as they carried flags from around the world in our very own torch parade. The evening included races down the sledding hill, cake, music by the fit pit and backyard fireworks.

February grew to be crazy warm leading us to believe the end of ski season was near; Little did we know what March had in-store…



A train of Nor’easters passed through Killington at the start of March, delivering a total of 6 ½ feet of snow in less than two weeks’ time! By St. Patrick’s Day, skiers and riders were waist deep in powder.

The fresh snowfall combined with the St. Patrick’s Day holiday created the perfect platform for a festive snowshoe scavenger hunt! On March 17th, homeowners and guests partook in St. Patrick’s Day Shenanigans, using compasses to seek and find the lucky pot of gold. Along their voyage, participants happened across tiny leprechaun dwellings that provided them with clues and materials needed to complete their journey.

March 31st arrived and hosted our favorite event of the season; The Annual Sunrise Spring Fling! A smorgasbord of food was provided by the Sunrise Café allowing attendees to enjoy plate after plate while listening to the sounds of local folk-rock musician, Bow Thayer. A gourmet hot-coca bar was on site to ensure attendees kept warm throughout the event in order to stick around for the backyard fireworks display that concluded the evening.

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Upcoming Hours of Operation:

SUNRISE VILLAGE TRIPLE CHAIRLIFT- Sunday, April 8th is the final operating day for the Sunrise Village Triple. Should Bear Mountain be open any days after our chair stops turning, Killington will provide shuttle service, picking up skiers and riders at Falls Brook Common.


SPORTS CENTER- Beginning April 9th, the Sports Center will be closed for deep cleaning/maintenance until further notice. The Sports Center will be closing at 5pm on Sunday, April 8th.


OFFICE HOURS- Beginning April 9th, the Sunrise Office will be open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm until further notice. The office will be closing at 5pm on Sunday, April 8th.