We just received word about the Sunrise lift schedule! The Sunrise Lift will operate daily thru April 12th, closing Monday, April 13th. There will be no shuttle service scheduled after this date. Be sure to pass this onto friends, family, and renters.

At Sunrise, we will be changing the hours for the Café, Sports Center, Falls Brook Commons, and outdoor amenities over the next few weeks.

Sunrise Café
Open for lunch Thursday thru Saturday, April 4th.
Serving dinner on Friday and Saturday evening; Saturday, April 4th will be the last dinner served for the season. Be sure to make reservations for the closing date.

Sport Center and Falls Brook Commons
Open daily from 8 am to 9 pm through Sunday, April 12th.
The Sports Center and Falls Brook Commons will close for spring cleaning April 12th and will open for the summer season Saturday, June 27th.  The outdoor hot tub will be closed for the summer season.

Office Hours
Starting April 13th, office hours will be Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm