As we anticipate warm sunshine, sunglasses, sunblock and soft snow, the reality of early spring skiing can be quite different. Warm days with watery precipitation (rain) followed by big temperature drops at night can leave the trails less than desirable the following day. Please check the Killington Conditions and Weather as well as the Trail and Lift Report daily when venturing out to ski or ride. Currently, any trail closures are temporary, based on temperatures and snow conditions. Signs with Caution or Thin Cover should be taken seriously. Be aware that frozen ski tracks, exposed rocks, roots, and dirt, along with fossilized groomer tracks and frozen snowballs littered on the groomed surfaces can be quite tricky to navigate. Ski or ride within your ability for the current conditions.

Safety Tip: As some of you know, I teach skiing on weekends for Snow Sports at Killington. Last Sunday, not one, but two people ran into me from behind while I was teaching classes. How could they not see me in the bright red jacket with the Killington Snow Sports School emblazoned on my back?! A snowboarder crashed into me from behind on Great Northern in the morning. A skier ran into me from behind on Great Eastern in the afternoon. There is no “please” about this: Ski or ride in control so you can either stop or avoid the skier in front of you! The downhill skier/rider has right of way, and its your responsibility to not crash into them.

As the spring season continues, let’s look forward to wearing sunglasses and big smiles while skiing beautiful corn snow, hero snow, or poor man’s powder on our favorite Killington trails! Whatever you like to name the snow conditions, Killington’s springtime vibe is as warm as the sun on spring day!

*Disclaimer: Mountain conditions and terrain can change daily. This report was created on 3/5/2020.