Luge KidWe hope you enjoyed the transformation of the wintery back yard at Sunrise into family-fun recreational area that was well attended by many homeowner families and guests. The Community Warming Tent was the place to be on Saturday nights for hot chocolate, soup, and home-baked cookies; while the bonfire burned brightly to warm us up even when the temperatures dipped below zero.

Snowbank Size cropWe would like to add that the Sochi Olympic season motivated us to commemorate the opening ceremonies with a fun sparkler parade, torch lighting, and fireworks in freezing temperatures. We also set up festive lighting around the backyard, which was so well liked by everyone, we kept the lights up for the rest of the season.

Sunrise Peak button webOur newest endeavor, the Geo Quest, just started gaining popularity at the end of the season. One homeowner couple, Ed and Gail Zamaitis completed the whole series of trail challenges. They thought it was a fantastic way to wander beyond the Sunrise backyard through the trail systems and experience the beauty of winter woods in Vermont.

We all wish to thank Gregg Labella for his vision and  creative efforts in transforming the backyard at Sunrise, and to Alice Hadley for being on staff at all locations, and especially for making all those delicious bite-size chocolate chip cookies every Saturday. We appreciate the great support and participation by the homeowners, their guests, and the camaraderie shared in the backyard. Thank you and have a great summer!