Winter sports are the heart & soul of the Sunrise Community. Every four years we get to watch the best athletes of the world compete in the sports that we love.

Join us Outback at Falls Brook on Saturday, February 10th from 6pm to 9pm for The Sunrise Olympics Opening Ceremony. Homeowners will demonstrate their pride in being apart of the winter sports community as they carry flags from around the world during our very own Torch Lighting Parade. The evening will include fireworks, music, pickup hockey games, sledding and more! All who attend will have the chance to win dinner for four to the Sunrise Café.

If you plan to dine at the Sunrise Café that evening, please be sure to make a reservation and to join the festivities after dinner; Save room for a slice of cake!


Do your talents go beyond the slopes?! We would like to have someone from our community sing the National Anthem at the Sunrise Olympics Opening Ceremony. If you or a family member is interested, please call 802-422-9494.