Explore your backyard and get to know the backcountry terrain at Sunrise by snowshoeing to the peaks and special spots on and around the Sunrise network of trails. Eleven locations have been selected and a reward has been stashed at each spot. Mark your success by adding your name to the Quest chart on the bulletin board at the Falls Brook Commons reception center. Challenge your neighbors to explore the backcountry at Sunrise!

The trail network at Sunrise was created from old log roads and skid paths established by the International Paper Company, the former owners of the huge parcel of land we now call the Madden Basin. Access to the Vermont State Forest and the Sunrise Network of Trails is virtually out your front door. Some trails are groomed while others are left in their natural states, packed down by other skiers and trekkers.

Our goal is to stimulate the use of this undiscovered treasure. If you do not feel comfortable self- navigating the terrain, our guides will be happy to provide you with an overview tour of the trail system. To qualify for the GeoQuest Challenge, however, you will have to navigate to the GeoQuest locations on your own. Maps, coordinates, and GeoQuest location information will be available to pick up at the front desk at Sunrise.

For those of you interested in getting even further into the backcountry, we can custom design a guided trek for the level of intensity you desire. Places to discover outside of the Sunrise network of trails are Smith Peak and Shrewsbury Peak, the climb up Bear Mountain proper (not Devils Fiddle or Outer Limits), or down the front side of Cherry Knoll.