On Saturday, January 27th, volunteers of the Sunrise Community assembled a search party in effort to end the pursuit of The Sunrise Yeti. That evening, the search party reported to have successfully tracked the transient being back to its lair; Members from the party claim the Yeti emerged into plain view, a mere 150-foot distance from the group.; When the group turned to each other to deliberate a plan of action, the Yeti managed to flee the scene and has not been seen since, that is until Saturday, February 10th at the Sunrise Winter Olympic Celebration.

Sunrise Homeowners and guests spent Saturday evening celebrating the start of the Winter Olympic Games with Fireworks, music and their very own torch lighting ceremony.

Sunrise General Manager, Richard Kolb, was charged by the Yeti as he led the Torch Lighting Parade. The Yeti appeared to be uncharacteristically enthusiastic as he joined in on the festivities, lighting the symbolic cauldron before exiting the event.

The Yeti not only stole the show Saturday Evening, but the hearts of those in attendance. Homeowners and staff are having second thoughts regarding the Yeti’s presence at Sunrise and are considering the concept of allowing the Yeti to make Sunrise Mountain Village its permanent residence, or for as long as it so chooses to call the slopeside community “home.”