The ever-changing conditions are what make East Coast Skiers so resilient and rugged; No matter what mother nature throws at us, we are ready to face the challenge.

Here at Sunrise, we don’t typically allow the conditions to call the shots on when we play; With that said, there comes a time for every entity to drop its pride for the greater good and our time has come.

Due to the extreme icy surface Outback at Falls Brook along with the thinning skating pond, the Sunrise Olympics Closing Ceremony has been cancelled. The fireworks that were to be set off tomorrow evening will be reserved for a future event.

Homeowners and guests are still encouraged to come to Falls Brook Common to enjoy the Sports Center facilities and/or dinner at the Sunrise Café. Dinner reservations are recommended and can be made via 802-422-9496.


Stay tuned for details on upcoming Sunrise Events!

Leprechaun Shenanigans at Sunrise: Saturday, March 17th

Annual Sunrise Spring Fling: Saturday, March 31st