Spring skiing has its own unique version of our beloved winter sport.  Instead of leaping out of bed to catch first tracks, we wait for the morning sun to perform its magic. A second cup of coffee, a second application of sunblock, a longer read of the snow report, and the light layering decisions allow us to venture out in the mid-morning sun to carve up that Killington corn snow. Be mindful and make each spring ski day count because with temperature swings and inclement weather, your favorite trail may not be open the next time you visit, or for the rest of the season. Enjoy each turn you make, each trail you take, and each ski buddy with whom you share the moment.

You may be wondering if the access trail, Sun Dog is still open. Yes, it is, but with a few thin spots. No snirt (snowy dirt) yet, but that may change sooner than later.

Safety Tip: Since the conditions are so variable due to freezing and thawing, remember some blue square trails can turn into black diamond terror runs. When skiing with friends who don’t ski with passion like us, sharing turns on a few green trails will make the day fun and safe for everyone.  Please check the Killington Conditions and Weather as well as the Trail and Lift Report daily before heading out to enjoy the beautiful spring skiing day.

*Disclaimer: Mountain conditions and terrain can change daily. This report was created on 3/12/2020.