VTEL is now installing fiber lines throughout the Sunrise community. They are running fiber optic cables underground through existing conduit where possible, or new where necessary by digging trenches in parking lots and common areas. Please be aware of the construction sites and use caution in those areas. Please note, there is NO CHARGE for upgrading this service to the Sunrise community.

The purpose of the construction is to provide 4G/LTE individual service to all homeowners. This will give you the opportunity to select the type of service you would like for your unit. VTEL will be sending everyone correspondence about the new service options that will include video, internet, and phone services. They anticipate the new services will be available for this coming ski season.

Bridge in Summer

Sunrise and VTEL are committed to making this transition as seamless as possible. Please read the following items as they pertain to your association:

  • Sunrise Condo and Lodges homeowners are contractually obligated to stay with Comcast Cable video service for another year. New Phone and internet options will become available to you through VTEL, in addition to the services offered by Comcast.
  • The current Wi-Fi system is still being supported throughout the Sunrise Condo and Lodges associations, and likely will be terminated when the new services are available.
  • Topridge homeowners will be free to choose VTEL or Comcast service.
  • At this time, the SHA board and association boards are investigating bulk service options with VTEL, however, at this time VTEL proposes to set up the services on an individual basis.  We will also continue to explore competitive options for the community with Comcast or other potential providers, where possible.
  • Additional information will be provided as it becomes more definitive and available.