The snow-maker whales on skier’s left on Superstar are back! These giant mounds of snow are so much fun to ski and ride on. Sliding up to the top of the whale and dropping down the steep front-side is like taking a roller coaster ride. In fact, Superstar would be the pick trail for this weekend. The snow quality the guns blew formed a firm velvety surface that is so easy to get on an edge-angle and carve. The posse and I toured around and skied from Bear to Snowdon, yet we kept circling back to get another run on Superstar.

Safety notes for whale riding:

  • Have a spotter if you plan to jib or jump off the top of the whale to avoid potential collisions with skiers stopped on the bottom of the whale.
  • Therefore, do not stop at the bottom of the whale. No one can see you until they come over the top.

*Other noteworthy trails for the weekend are Skyeburst, Bear Claw, Wildfire, Breakaway (ski the middle), and Upper Bunny Buster/Middle Bunny Buster/Chute. If you have a decent tune on your skis, Cascade and Highline skied well.

Sadly, the tree trails remain closed. It is quite bony in there, so if you want to keep your skis or board from turning into rock skis, stay outta the woods for now.

*Disclaimer: Mountain conditions and terrain can change daily. This report was created on 1/23/2020.