Now is the time to prepare your home for the upcoming winter. There are several preventative tasks which will protect your home during the upcoming Vermont winter.

Get your boiler inspected, cleaned, and the anti-freeze tested. If you have a contract with a boiler service provider, please us know who it is. If you don’t have a boiler service technician, we have a list for you to choose from.

SCA chimneys are serviced through the association, on an every-other year basis. This year, North Star, Highlander, and Upper Timberline units will be cleaned starting the first week of November.
TOPRIDGE OWNERS with wood burning fireplaces can schedule a chimney cleaning for $75. Please note that our inspections revealed that most units were in good condition, but it is better to be safe than smoky.
ALL wood-burning fireplace homeowners must have a fire-proof ash bucket in their unit for safe cleaning and removal of ashes. Let us know if you need one. When disposing of ashes, always deposit in the metal cans in the trash houses, and secure the lids for safety purposes.

All associations provide annual battery replacement and testing. We are now in the process of doing this.

Each unit needs to have a good rugged one (maybe two) with “operating instructions” for occupant use.  Please write your unit number on the shovel so if abandoned or kidnapped, we can return it to the proper home.